Here is another Coca-Cola Story about the role Coke has played in someone’s life. In this case, the idea of getting a Coke as a reward for hard work really paid off!

Growing up, my mother was very demanding. If I ever wanted a Coke (a sacred refreshment in my family), you would have to do something for her (like mow the lawn, do the dishes, etc). For a person who simply loved Coke like myself, that was a killer. Sometimes I would get so upset at her over this -- I just couldn't understand why she would make something I love so hard to get.

I remember promising myself when I was about 10 years old that when I grew up, I would have tons of Coke in my refrigerator at all times! (Now I'm 31 and everybody who knows me can tell you that I have an entire shelf in my refrigerator dedicated to just Coke!)

But when I think back -- whether what my mom did was intentional or not, I'll never know, but it taught me a huge lesson over the years -- if you want something bad enough, you have to work for it! And now I enjoy Coke whenever I want it because I am gainfully employed! Thank You Coke for making me a hard worker!

Do you have a Coca-Cola Story? Was Coke a part of a first date, or times with your family or friends?