How Coke and 50 Million Facebook Fans Share Happiness

For the past 126 years, fans have been an essential part of Coca-Cola’s brand culture. Our fans started calling Coca-Cola “Coke” long before we did in 1941. When we tried to change the formula in 1985, they wouldn’t let us. When two Coca-Cola fans, Dusty and Michael created a Facebook Page for us, we partnered with them. When Facebook launched Timeline for Facebook Pages, we went into the archives and found all of these amazing letters and postcards from fans dating back to 1892. We couldn’t imagine a better way to tell the history of the brand on Facebook than through our fans’ stories.

The stories our fans share are a testament to the strength of the brand and how passionate people are about it. Those of us at Coke who spend our days, nights and weekends engaging with our fans from around the world consider it a privilege as well as a responsibility. We strive to make every communication as meaningful as possible, whether it’s posting status updates that are relevant to our fans, in the languages they speak or by doing the research necessary to provide the best possible answer to every question we’re asked.

When it comes to caring for our fans, the smallest things matter. Answering questions from fans such as which artists recorded renditions of “Things go better with Coke” or helping them find one of our products in their neighborhood, go a long way towards strengthening connections. We realize that it takes a lot of work to build personal relationships with millions of people and we’re doing it one conversation at a time. Some of our own research shows that fans are 10 times more likely to purchase a Coke. This dedication is reciprocal, because while making sure our fans are the happiest fans in the world helps business, it’s also important to us personally.

Recently, when we became the first brand to pass 50 million Likes on Facebook, we wanted to say “Thank You” to each and every one of our fans. We decided to join forces to help make the world just a little happier together. There’s no question that all of us together can do more to make the world a happier place than any individual or any brand could accomplish on its own. Keep an eye on your Facebook News Feed for more details.

We look forward to hearing your stories, your feedback and continuing to share happiness together.

Brad Ruffkess is Social Marketing and Connection Strategy Manager at The Coca-Cola Company.