This summer, The Coca-Cola Company set a goal to get 3 million Americans active through our Get The Ball Rolling initiative. Today I’m proud to tell you people responded and we exceeded our goal, reaching more than 3 million people. So, why should you care?  

Field Day in Atlanta, GA

Field Day in Atlanta, GA

As a society, we continue to battle a stagnant economy, fewer jobs, less time and more to do. In our hurry to go-it-alone and cram more hours into the day, our short cuts are short-changing us. A generation ago, 75 percent of American youth played outside on a daily basis. Today, only 25 percent do.

In May, we challenged ourselves to positively impact millions of people like never before. We set an aggressive goal to not only help inspire people to get moving – but to make moving more fun. We wanted to reinforce our commitment is about more than just movement. It’s about making it easier to come together and, in the process, become happier and healthier.

The recent “F as in Fat" report by the Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation indicated obesity rates appear to be stabilizing. Despite this progress, the report underscores the need for continued action from all sectors of society – families, business, government and community organizations.

We laid the framework for our Get The Ball Rolling initiative in January. At that time, we made an important decision to take a public stand against obesity. And the reason is simple:  Coca-Cola cares about the health and happiness of everyone who drinks our beverages.

Exceeding our goal reinforces that when we work together, real progress happens. Through partnerships with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils, NASCAR and many others, we provided engaging opportunities for people to be active with friends and family.

It’s critical that we constantly remember there is no silver bullet solution to overcoming obesity. It will take the action and commitment of many.  Now is the time for everyone to work together. Inspiring more than 3 million Americans to be active this summer is significant, yes, but it’s just a start. Moving toward a healthier future means moving forward together.

Caren Pasquale Seckler is VP of Social Commitment at The Coca-Cola Company.