Since he was eight years old, Gabriel Romero has waited eagerly for the arrival of Santa Claus. As a kid, he wished for a yellow Coca-Cola truck, and now, 60 years later, he still dreams to see the gift of Coca-Cola under the Christmas tree every year.

Christmas is the most awaited time of the year for the Romero family as this is the season when dreams, presents, love, wishes – and Coca-Cola – are shared.

For this family, every Christmas is special and different as magic fills their home and creates a new Coca-Cola Christmas tale to be told. It all starts a couple of months before Christmas when the family travels to get new Coke ornaments and holiday decorations. They also plan on how their house and living room will look.

Gabriel, Tere and Monica decorate their 157-inch Christmas tree with lights, ornaments, Santa Clauses, bears, reindeers, penguins and more. This tree features only Coca-Cola decorations.

They also have a Coca-Cola village with more than 100 houses and characters from the Town Square Collection. This is the most amazing part of the collection, as the beautiful town impresses everyone.

For them, the most important thing is sharing it with family and friends. Every day, 10 to 15 people (including Coca-Cola employees) come to visit the Romero house and enjoy their Christmas decorations.

This year has been very special, as part of Gabriel's collection played an important role in the 100th anniversary celebrations of the Coca-Cola bottle. Gabriel shared more than 320 pieces of his collection, all of them representing the history of Coca-Cola in Mexico. This exhibition was shared with more than 37,000 people in Mexico City and Monterrey. He witnessed all the love people have for this unique brand and was very pleased he could share happiness with many.

One of his biggest dreams came true this year as he visited Atlanta and the most incredible places a collector could even imagined they existed.