On Thursday, “Ray from Tulsa” left me a comment on the blog and let me know he had an item for me to look at.

Way to go Phil! This will be a big help to both collectors and someone who's had these items passed down from generations before. I'm sending a picture of the 3-D cardboard display of the 1961 African animal promotion to get an idea of what it's worth. Thanks, Ray from Tulsa

When he emailed me the photo, I was surprised at a slight difference I saw in his collectible versus most of the others I see.Animals_of_africa_circled_2

Ray - That is a really cool piece! Animals of Africa was a promotion launched in 1961 in several African countries. The full set consisted of 20 plastic animals with a three-dimensional display unit. Your set is particularly interesting because you have 21 animals in your collection. (I counted the animals a few times to make sure you had the 21st!) The additional animal, a springbok (that’s the animal at the back of the display with the arrow I drew pointing at him), was distributed separately because of the success of the original promotion. There were also two different display units. The one you own was called Animals of Africa, but there is another on with a “Jungle Animals” title on the front.

A few years ago, one of these sets sold for $210 at auction. With the extra animal you have and the condition of your display unit (which was not part of the last auction item I saw), I think it would be valued at $300+. Congratulations on owning such an interesting item!