Two popular bottled water brands now rank in the top 20 brands sold by Coca-Cola worldwide. China’s Ice Dew and smartwater, which is offer in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and South Korea, both passed $1 billion in annual retail sales in 2015.

Since 2007, The Coca-Cola Company has added 10 brands to its billion-dollar portfolio across a range of beverage categories. Not far behind, a pipeline of 14 additional brands currently generate annual retail sales between $500 million and $1 billion.

“Ice Dew and smartwater’s climb to join our list of billion-dollar brands is a good indicator of even more growth ahead in the water/water ‘plus’ category,” said John Hackett, senior vice president, Stills and Juice, The Coca-Cola Company. “Our system can continue to create value for ourselves and our consumers through the premium benefits these brands provide. We expect more of our markets to expand smartwater and replicate the success of Ice Dew.”

Ice Dew, which launched in mainland China in 2001, is offered in two varieties: mineralized and purified. A sub-brand, Ice Dew Chun Yue (“Pure Joy”), hit the market in 2014 with a focus on Millennial consumers through the “Trust in Every Drop” tagline. A portion of Ice Dew Chun Yue sales supports the Clean Water Project initiative developed jointly by Coca-Cola China and ONE Foundation, a local NGO. The project installs water purifiers in rural schools across China. QR codes on bottles of Ice Dew Chun Yue – the official bottled water brand of the China Olympic Swimming Team – give consumers the opportunity to engage with the brand online.

Ice Dew also sponsors charity walk programs including “Walk for Love” trail walk program, which encourages fans to walk 40-50 km to raise funds for the Clean Water Project. Since 2013, “Walk for Love” has raised more than RMB 8 million (US $1.2 million) to provide quality drinking water for 300,000 children in 600 rural schools.

“Ice Dew continues its drive to build value, with Ice Dew Chun Yue as a higher-value offering competing in the more premium mainstream segment of the category,” said Kinyi Choo, general manager, hydration, Coca-Cola China. “We are fully committed to building the brand with a national rollout of Ice Dew Chun Yue in 2016.”

smartwater, which The Coca-Cola Company acquired in 2007, is a premium line of vapor-distilled water with added electrolytes (calcium, magnesium and potassium) for taste. “Inspired by the clouds,” smartwater is available in a variety of packaging options, including 20-oz., 700-ml sport, 1-liter, 1.5-liter bottles and 500-ml in a 6-pack shrink. 

Longtime fan and ambassador Jennifer Aniston is featured in the brand’s current "up, up, up" campaign. Four vignettes showcase the role of smartwater as a companion in everyday moments of progress in the life of the actress, director, producer and businesswoman.

In November 2015, smartwater sparkling launched in major U.S. markets and continues to expand into additional cities with expanded packaging options. Beverage Industry magazine named smartwater sparkling its “Readers’ Choice Favorite New Beverage of 2015.”

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“smartwater continues to strengthen in North America,” said Shane Grant, senior vice president, glacéau. “The brand is a compelling combination of premium style and substance that we are committed to continue building in North America and beyond.”

Building on its popularity in North America, smartwater debuted last year in Great Britain, helping propel its rise to billion-dollar status in 2015.

The Coca-Cola Company now has five water and enhanced water brands that exceed the $1 billion sales mark – Bonaqua, Dasani, Ice Dew, smartwater and vitaminwater – and is the global value leader in still beverages.

In 2015, based on 2014 sales, Coca-Cola added two ready-to-drink teas – Gold Peak and FUZE TEA – to its billion-dollar brand portfolio.

Two popular beverage brands in Japan, I LOHAS and Ayataka, dropped off Coke’s billion-dollar brand list in 2015 due to the strength of the U.S. dollar versus the yen. Both brands continue to grow locally, but since The Coca-Cola Company converts all sales globally from local currency to U.S. dollars for the purpose of compiling this list, these two brands’ annual retail sales no longer surpass $1 billion given the yen’s decline in value.

20 Billion-Dollar Brands

From A to V: Coke’s Billion-Dollar Brands

Here are The Coca-Cola Company’s 20 billion-dollar brands, listed alphabetically:

1.         Aquarius

2.         Bonaqua

3.         Coca-Cola

4.         Coca-Cola Zero

5.         Dasani

6.         Del Valle

7.         Diet Coke/Coke Light

8.         Fanta

9.         FUZE TEA

10.       Georgia

11.       Gold Peak

12.       Ice Dew

13.       Minute Maid

14.       Minute Maid Pulpy

15.       Powerade

16.       Schweppes*

17.       Simply

18.       smartwater

19.       Sprite

20.       vitaminwater

* Schweppes is owned by The Coca-Cola Company in certain countries other than the U.S.