Longstanding Sprite partner and Interscope Records’ rising hip hop artist Kamaiyah stars as “Ice-Ya” in Sprite’s latest campaign. Ice-Ya is joined by ace pitcher “Big Taste,” played by global basketball icon LeBron James. They team up to strike out Thirst.

We spoke with Kamaiyah to get her take on the campaign...

What’s the dynamic like between Big Taste and Ice-Ya?

Big Taste and I complement each other very well. It’s natural. We respect each other’s abilities to deliver in a heated situation. It’s very cool. And crisp and refreshing.

How do you like your chances for Rookie Sprite Endorser of the Year?

I’m not focused on that right now. The Sprite Commercial season is a long season. You just take it day by day. You do your job and stay ice cold. And if people want to praise me for being refreshing, that’s cool. And crisp and refreshing.

How do you live up to the hype and expectations?

Look, when it’s a 100-degree day and Thirst steps up and the fans are sweating, you imagine yourself frozen in time. You imagine the temperature dropping, you see that icy-cold Sprite coming to you in slow motion, and you catch it for a perfect commercial drink shot. You see it, and you be it. Then everything’s cool. And crisp and refreshing.  

What would you tell the aspiring Ice-Ya’s out there? 

Stay cool. And crisp, and refreshing. Oh, and stay tuned to my social channels. 2018’s going to be a big season for Ice-Ya

Big Taste

Once we were able to get Kamaiyah to step out of the “Ice-Ya” character, we asked her a few questions about what she has coming up. It sounds like she’s busy with exciting new music releases and scheduled performances (we hear she’s going to be at Coachella in April).

What do you have in store for your fans this year?

I’m looking forward to sharing my new project with my fans in February! My fans have been absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to hear their reaction to my new music.   

We hear you’re performing at Coachella in April? Tell us more!

Yes! I’m so excited. Coachella is such a fun environment and the perfect atmosphere to be able to share music with fans, old and new. You’ll have to keep your eyes out for what’s to come from me during Coachella!