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WEEK OF MAY 23-27, 2015:

Coke 130 Toast

Coca-Cola Celebrates 130 Years!

Happy birthday to the world's most iconic beverage! We've been celebrating all month: taking a look back at the 9 buildings The Coca-Cola Company has called home over the years, gifting our hometown of Atlanta with a $1.8 million grant to support improvements in and around the Centennial Olympic Park District... and even touring our campus with the inventor of Coke himself, 'Doc' John Pemberton!


All Photos by Amy Sparks

Meet Cobot: Our Friendliest Vending Machine Ever

Go behind the scenes with the team that's hard at work developing Cobot, a robot whose mission is delivering a Coke and a smile to consumers worldwide.


Coca-Cola mural painter Andy Thompson

How These Specialty Painters Are Restoring Iconic Coke Murals Across the South

Coca-Cola Consolidated has funded the restoration of over two dozen 'ghost murals' since 2011. Meet the teams of lettering artists, community leaders, and Coke employees who are making it happen.


Three Millennial Coca-Cola employees spearheaded the development and launch of the BillBoss app. From left: Georges Durot, Whitney Hagan and Marty Styles.

Amy Sparks

Pay Like a Boss with Coca-Cola's New App

BillBoss, a free smartphone app, gives users the freedom to split the bill how and when they want. Find out how a group of Millennial Coke employees came together to spearhead its development.


Smartphone food tips

All photos by Johnny Autry

Pro Photographers Share Tips on How to Take the Best Food Photos... with Your Phone

Johnny and Charlotte Autry offer 6 quick tips on how to make sure your smartphone photography is as Instagram-worthy as possible. Try them for yourself!