040026-hi-lo In 1969, The Coca-Cola Company began a very tongue in cheek advertising campaign.  In a play on the words of our slogan, "Things Go Better with Coke," we brought out the "Things Would Have Gone Better with Coke" campaign.  This campaign featured some of histories cast of characters that experienced a bad day or two.

One of those people was Julius Caesar who was not too fond of March.  Today is March 15, or, in the ancient Latin calendar, the Ides of March.  Julius Caesar was famously warned to beware the Ides of March but ignored the warnings and was stabbed to death in the Roman Senate. This famous murder was later dramatized by Shakespeare in his play Julius Caesar and resulted in one of the few Latin phrases I can still recall from school, "Et Tu, Brute?"

So as you enjoy a Coke today, think about poor Casear and the Ides of March.