I'm sure you are geared up to watch the FIFA World Cup in South Africa which begins tomorrow. I wanted to highlight a little piece of Coke FIFA history in our Archives that I came across a few weeks ago. Although Coca-Cola began stadium advertising at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil in 1950, 1978 was the year we became an official worldwide sponsor of the FIFA World Cup. In that same year, we along with FIFA launched the "Go For Goal" training kit to aid coaches in their teaching of young players. The kits included films, slides, wall charts and coaching cards that were made available through bottlers of Coca-Cola. Karl-Heinz Heddergott, who was considered the world's foremost expert on teaching soccer to youth, led the series and the instructional films. Here is one of the set of 64 coaching cards in Thai that was found in our Thailand collection. On the front side coaches are given a diagram of the technique with an explanation of the drill on the back. Coke FIFA Go For Goal Thailand Front Coke FIFA Go For Goal Thailand Back