Coke_collector_room2Have you ever wondered what it’s like inside the house of a Coca-Cola collector? Well, I’ve seen quite a few houses and collections, and I can say two things: Each one is totally different, and you’d never believe them unless you saw them!

Of course, I’m surrounded by Coke things all day at work, so my house really doesn’t have many Coca-Cola items in it. But many Coke collectors have memorabilia in every single room of the house – even in the restrooms! Coke_collector_room1 Others limit their collectibles to just one “Coke room,” though some of those “rooms” are as big as a wing of the house!

I’ve asked one of our friends, Ray from Orlando, FL, to send me some photos of his collection. He has a beautiful Coke room and also has made a Coke patio, complete with bar. Ray has collected Coke memorabilia since the early 1980s, and joined the Coca-Cola Collectors Club in 1996. He’s attended every national convention since he joined, so I will see him in Dallas this summer.

Coke_collector_patio2 Another interesting note: Long before I started this blog, Coke put out a call to get photos of collectors and their Coke items. Ray submitted some pictures and his photo actually is hanging in the Collectors Corner, a special area of the New World of Coca-Cola dedicated to people who have a passion for all things Coke.

So here is a quick look at just some of Ray’s collection. If you have a Coke room – or a Coke house! – I’d love to hear from you.