Inside Diet Coke’s Latest Makeover by Jean Paul Gaultier

This summer, iconic fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier revealed ‘Tattoo,’ the surprise addition to his stylish collection of Diet Coke cans and bottles.  The new bottle joins Gaultier’s other two limited edition designs, ‘Night’ and ‘Day,’ which made their debut in April.  The three-piece collection is the latest in Diet Coke’s exciting fashion partnerships that have made the brand one of fashion’s ultimate accessories.

Fashion is a top interest of our fans so we started designer collaborations to create something new and exciting for our drinkers,” said Rob Bayne, senior brand manager for Diet Coke in North West Europe and Nordics.

For the past 10 years, the brand has partnered with internationally recognized fashion designers, such as Karl Lagerfeld and Diane Von Furstenberg as well as emerging designers.  Bayne said each creative partner brings his or her own unique style, fun, energy and passion that Diet Coke fans across the world can enjoy.  This is one of the many reasons the team approached Gaultier as the brand’s newest creative director.

Jean Paul Gaultier is an incredible talent and has a reputation for fun, provocative collections – it felt exciting from the moment we started discussing it,” Bayne said.

So how did Gaultier translate his stylish looks to Diet Coke bottles and cans for fans to enjoy?

The partnership was announced at Gaultier’s haute couture show in Paris last spring.

The bottles and cans were designed by Jean Paul Gaultier himself – taking inspiration from his unique, signature styles and harnessing his fun and light-hearted attitude,” Bayne said.

‘Night’ includes a provocative lace corset and fish stockings, while ‘Day’ showcases Gaultier’s famous Breton stripes in an easy-to-wear look.  ‘Tattoo,’ the line’s latest bottle, pays homage to the designer’s love for body art.

It’s inspiring to have the opportunity to work with a world-leading designer, but also a pleasure too,” Bayne said. “Jean Paul Gaultier was willing to collaborate, create and have fun with us – it was a great experience.

Check out this behind the scenes video introducing the collection. It’s a fun one.

Kimberly Lee was our Public Affairs and Communications Intern in Fall of 2012.

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