A cinematic short film from Coca-Cola Brazil captures the joy and wonder of the Christmas season.

Uma Ponte para Noel ("A Bridge for Santa”) tells the story of a village that Santa Claus has forgotten recently, perhaps because the main bridge into town is broken. A young boy named Mathias leaves a message for Santa in a Coke bottle, and after reading it, his father tries to try to fix the bridge.

A Bridge for Santa was written by author, journalist and filmmaker José Roberto Torero, one of the screenwriters behind the 1998 Academy Award-nominated short film Uma História de Futebol, and directed by Fernando Grostein Andrade of Spray Filmes. The J. Walter Thompson-produced film is running throughout the holidays in Brazil in select cinemas, on cable TV and online.

Coke's iconic illuminated Christmas trucks feature prominently in the film and its supporting campaign, which is retelling the story across Brazil through the Coca-Cola holiday caravan tour and a special 360-degree animated experience via Google Cardboard, which turns smartphones into virtual reality (VR) goggles. Consumers can view a 3D scene showing different angles and parallel stories, starting with the moment the Coca-Cola trucks arrive in the town where Mathias lives.

“More than a campaign, we conceived this project as an entertainment platform,” said Marcelo Páscoa, head of Integrated Marketing Communication, Coca-Cola Brazil. “We want to turn Coca-Cola’s Christmas Caravans into the main character of a story that is retold every year, touching consumers all over Brazil across several platforms.”

Coca-Cola Brazil is also launching Caravana Produções ("Caravan Productions"), a make-believe production company that will invite screenwriters and directors to create future Christmas films involving the Coca-Cola caravan. A Bridge for Santa is the first in the series.

"Our goal was to bring back the magic spirit of Christmas that Coca-Cola's Christmas caravans help revive, always inspiring us everywhere they go," said Ricardo John, chief creative officer, J. Walter Thompson Brazil.