In the run-up to World AIDS Day on Dec. 1, Coca-Cola and (RED) are inviting the world to “Share the Sounds of an AIDS Free Generation” and help support the end of mother-to-child transmission of HIV. Every day, 650 babies are born with HIV, and Coca-Cola and (RED) believe that together we can make that number near zero. 

Each week in the month of November, a new artist will unveil an original song available for download with proceeds benefitting The Global Fund to fight AIDS.  This week, Aloe Blacc's track “Together” is available at  

Aloe is also offering the opportunity to spend time with him in his studio and meet him backstage at a show through the crowd-sourcing platform Omaze. To donate to win, visit: 

We recently sat down with Aloe to talk about his life, his music and the impact of his visit to an AIDS clinic in South Africa.

Why did you get involved with Coca-Cola and (RED)? 

As a musician and artist, I see a responsibility for a person in my position to spotlight social issues and empower my fans to rally behind a cause. In this case, teaming up with Coca-Cola and (RED) allows me to help lend my voice to a wonderful cause, which is to create widespread awareness about the HIV pandemic and eradicating the disease.

What is your role in the campaign?

Aloe Blacc cover

I’ve recorded a new song, “Together”, for the (Coca-Cola) RED campaign. I think it’s really important for people to realize that AIDS is still a problem around the world, but if we join together, we can be the generation to see the end of AIDS become a reality.

What does it mean to be able to share your music with today’s youth?

My goal in making music is to create positive social change, so when I was approached to participate in the (Coca-Cola) RED campaign, I thought this was perfectly in line with what I would like to do with my career and my voice.

How does being a parent influencer your music?

Every opportunity I have to write a song, to deliver a message, to participate in philanthropy or help raise funds for an organization is all part of making the world a better place for my child. The fact that my children can grow up in a world without AIDS is incredibly inspiring.

Can you describe the experience of visiting the (RED) clinic in Johannesburg?

Visiting the TLC clinic in Johannesburg was an eye-opening experience. I witnessed the teams of doctors, nurses and advocates working every day to save lives, one patient at a time. Their work was even more inspiring to me, knowing that resources are scarce and the infrastructure is fragmented. It is so important to support the work that (RED) and The Global Fund are doing, especially with the knowledge we have the power to end the AIDS epidemic with this generation.   

What is your message to your fans?

I hope they rally behind this incredible cause, spread the word and donate to to support an AIDS free generation!