The woman of Steel making the most exciting new pop music of the summer

Welcome to 52 Songs Of Happiness, a collection of unique music from around the world brought to you by Coca-Cola. Each of these amazing new acts has crafted a one-off song for Coca-Cola based around a treasured location, as well as a Placelist with the music that makes that place so special.

Next up is Laura Steel, a UK-based electro-pop singer making dance music with a chart feel. We talked to her about her track for 52 Songs Of Happiness and her choice of Placelist.

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your music?

My name is Laura Steel, I'm originally from Sheffield and have been living and working in London since moving down to study a Fashion Womenswear degree at Central Saint Martins in 2002. My music can be boldly described as 'dirty pop', lighthearted and with a tongue-in-cheek feel. It’s fun, energetic and playful. Just like me ;)

Tell us about the location you've chosen for your Placelist?

The songs in my playlist are just a few of the songs I regularly listen to when wandering around the Southbank where many of my favourite museums are. In many ways the selections are similar to the collections - eclectic, personal and very close to my heart.

Who are your top three musical heroes? Why? 

I listen to new music on a daily basis and am constantly pushing myself to see the beauty in each and every piece. Three artists I am listening to today are Rhye, Frank Ocean and Polica. I wouldn’t particularly call them my musical heroes but I'm really into their writing and sound, but tomorrow it could be someone completely different. :) 

Where would you love to play a live show at?

I would LOVE to play the Wembley Arena or the O2 Arena. I have been watching gigs there since I was a child so it has always been on my list of dream venues to conquer.

Which person would you love to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with Rick Rubin. I love pretty much every track he has ever produced, and he has been a huge inspiration for me wanting to get into music production. He is incredibly deep and spiritual and I find him utterly spellbinding.

Tell us where you wrote your song for 52 Songs of Happiness?

When I moved to London I instantly fell in love with the city. Its vibrancy, fast pace and culture. I love everything about London, but most of all its amazing museums and art galleries.

While sat in the cafe at a museum I was looking over photos I had taken while browsing online and catching up with friends. It’s the internet that allows me to share these images with my friends and fans, and I wrote the song about that connection.