Coca-Cola Australia recently rolled out its newest limited-edition flavor: Coca-Cola Orange No Sugar. The brand will only be available Down Under through the winter.

“We’ve seen how much Australians have enjoyed our other limited-edition flavors. Introducing a hint of orange flavor was perfect for Australia’s cooler months. We think Coke fans are going to love it,” said Lucie Austin, marketing director, Coca-Cola Australia. “This flavor has been crafted for Australians and the spirited way we do the winter season – fun and sociable. We’re not afraid to get the woolies on, grab our friends or family and get out and about when it’s chilly. So we’ve created a refreshing and unique drink to match."

Aside from being refreshing and providing a great citrus alternative to Coca-Cola with a lemon or lime twist, Coca-Cola Orange is sugar free.

Coca-Cola Orange No Sugar
Coca-Cola Orange is completely sugar free.

Will Salkeld

“As we work to innovate with delicious combinations to match the diverse tastes of our customers, Australians will see more exclusive and limited edition flavours in the coming years,” Austin added.