Consumers needing a reprieve from Thailand's hot, tropical weather and fast-paced lifestyle can cool down with Habu, a new all-natural herbal tea drink. The ready-to-drink beverage is made with four cooling herbs -- roselle, licorice, luo han guo and cogon grass. 

Diggy Dey, business development director at Coca-Cola Thailand, said Habu was inspired by Thai herbal drink culture and conceptualized specifically for Thai consumers. Habu's packaging and label designs feature a modern interpretation of the clay containers traditionally used to brew herbal drinks.

“Habu is the culmination of years of research and development, including extensive studies of Thai consumer behavior, beverage traditions, tastes and direct consumer engagement to understand what Thais want in an herbal drink,” he added.

Coca-Cola Thailand will support the launch through a year-long marketing campaign led by TV, radio, outdoor and cinema ads featuring Thai celebrities Pope (Tanawat Wattanaputi) and Ko Tee. A nationwide sampling program will reach an estimated 1 million consumers in stores and on the streets.

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