Coca-Cola belongs to the fans. In addition to opening the doors of the Coke Archives, we have teamed up with Backplane to give the world’s Coca-Cola Collectors a meeting place – The 1886 Club.

The 1886 Club is a destination for sharing treasures you have discovered as a collector of all things Coca-Cola. It’s also the place to engage with other like-minded, passionate Coca-Cola Collectors from all around the world. 

It has always been our honor to share stories and discoveries with you from the founding of the brand in 1886. We are pleased to launch a global meeting platform for you to share your own discoveries, memorabilia and stories of collecting those sometimes elusive pieces of happiness. We share your passion for the history and tradition that surrounds the brand Coca-Cola, and proudly present to you The 1886 Club.

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As the 1886 Club grows, fans can engage, interact with, and support each other, all while providing a global platform to show off their discoveries, their collections, and their contributions to spreading global happiness.

1886 Club