Friday Fun!

During Women’s History Month in March, I’d mentioned that in the 1930s, Coca-Cola bottlers hired women to install bottle openers in neighborhood homes.

Coke_home_deliveryThis helped encourage people to drink Coke at home and serve it when they were entertaining.

I’ve found this photo of a woman delivering a six-pack of Coca-Cola to a mom in the 1930s. (You’ll see the carton is a closed box with a handle on top, quite different from today’s six-pack carriers.)

For this week’s Friday Fun contest, I want the best caption for this photo.

The game: I’m looking for creative, funny, clever (even “punny”) captions for this photo. Send me yours using the comments area below this post.

The prize: I’ll pick my favorite caption and announce it on Thursday, October 16. The winner will get a Coca-Cola piece from my “goodie closet” -- along with the honor of winning this week’s contest.

I can’t wait to see your ideas!

See the winning caption.