Coke_national_golf_month_2Happy August to the golfers out there. (Personally, that’s not a sport I've played. I referee soccer, but have never gotten into golf -- even when my wife talked about taking lessons!)

Coke_bobby_jones_golf_piece_3Golf has appeared in Coca-Cola advertising since almost the brand's beginning. This magazine ad is actually from August 1905. I've often said that you can trace fashions, hobbies and culture through the years simply by looking at Coke's advertising. Having golf in our ads so early on (let alone looking at the outfits they're wearing!) is a good example of that.

If you're a Coca-Cola collector, you may be familiar with a different Coke and golf piece. Bobby Jones was one of the athletes featured in the 1949 All Time Sports Greats series. Today, that Bobby Jones cardboard piece is valued at around $500 for a sign in good condition.