In the New World of Coca-Cola, which opened last May, we have a Pop Culture Gallery, where we show how Coke has become a part of, well, pop culture. We do that through the Collectors Corner that I’ve written about, a display about "new Coke" (our famous taste change) and through art and crafts exhibits, among others.

Coke_postcardWe also have a display close to my heart. Shortly when you walk into the Pop Culture Gallery, there is a display of 100 postcards. These postcards were not created by The Coca-Cola Company, but each contains a Coke sign or image somewhere in the scene. The postcards were created to document elements of people’s lives -- city views, amusement parks and tourist stops -- but in each scene there is an advertising image for Coke, an expected part of the landscape.

Many of the cards are from the U.S., like this 1954 card from Geneva on the Lake in Ohio. We've also included postcards from places like the Philippines and London's Piccadilly Circus. I was really passionate about this project, because it was such a strong example of how Coke is a part of every community.

Two more things: First, we do include a magnifying glass with the postcard display; some of the Coke signs are subtle, and you have to search for them! And second, if you’ve been following my blog you know I’ve found a calendar showing holidays around the world. Well, this week is National Postcard Week in the U.S., which gave me the idea for this post!

Do you have a favorite Coke sign or landmark from your hometown?