We’ve been noticing some curious behavior surrounding this summer’s Share a Coke campaign in the U.S. While millions of Coca-Cola fans love to share their favorite beverage, Diet Coke drinkers just don’t want to share their Diet Coke… with anyone.

To celebrate this unexplainable love of the delicious Diet Coke taste, the team created a “public service announcement” (PSA) to let Diet Coke drinkers know it’s okay for them to keep their beloved Diet Coke to themselves this summer. The recently launched PSA explains to Diet Coke enthusiasts that no name should come between them and their Diet Coke – in fact, it encourages fans to “hack” their Diet Coke bottle to make it their own.

See for yourself:

DIY enthusiasts have taken the campaign to heart, coming up with unique ways to hack their own bottles and cans of Diet Coke this summer. What bottle hack will you come up with? Sound off in the comments below. Follow the campaign that’s sweeping the nation and see how every Diet Coke lover makes each bottle their own this summer using #ItsMyDietCoke.