JOHN T LUPTON 2-1 We just received word that Jack Lupton, the third generation of one of our pioneer bottling families has passed away.  The Lupton family has been involved with bottling Coca-Cola almost from the beginning.  While the story of Asa Candler selling the rights to Joseph Whitehead and Benjamin Thomas has been told on the blog, John T. Lupton provided the capital investing in their fledgling bottling enterprise by 1900 purchased half of Whitehead's share.

The Lupton family remained in the bottling business with John's son, Cartter Lupton expanding the business and his grandson Jack Lupton growing the company to be one of the largest bottling companies in the country.  JTL Bottling was sold to The Coca-Cola Company in 1986 and was integrated with other bottlers to form Coca-Cola Enterprises.

The Lupton family have always given back to their community and Chattanooga, Tennessee has always benefited from their generosity.  Jack Lupton will be missed.