52 Songs of Happiness Kings Tonic 300

Acoustic punk rock band King’s Tonic knows that music is the way to bring people together.

King’s Tonic is a punk rock duo from Dortmund, Germany with a pop undertone, whose live shows are an insanely fun, loud affair. Very loud most of the time! James and Swen O told us about their song for 52 Songs of Happiness and their choice of Placelist.

Hi guys, tell us where you wrote your song ‘Jetzt Und Hier!’?
Swen O:
Actually, the idea came up during the Olympic Games in London where we played a couple of shows. Watching the athletes waiting for their chance: a single event that they’ve been preparing for months, years, maybe all of their life. This rare moment that can mean everything to you, this glimpse of infinity, that is the main topic. The writing process and adding a composition, hook and lyrics was done back in Germany throughout the Ruhr Area.

We hear you play a huge amount of live shows?
King’s Tonic is 100% acoustic punk rock! Over the last 10 years we have played close to 400 shows in more than a dozen countries on three continents. We’ve played shows in front of 10,000 spectators, as well as just two, and enjoy every second of it. A good song should always work played on an acoustic guitar in front of thousands, or sat with friends by the fireside.

Tell us about the location you've chosen for your Placelist?   
James: The Brandenburg Gate is a very special place to us. It’s a symbol for Germany and its unity. It reminds us of the Cold War and the Berlin Wall, but also of our new, peaceful democracy.

Outside of Germany, where would you love to perform?
Swen O
: I think Madison Square Garden in New York would be great, but also Australia and Africa; the continents we haven’t been to yet.

James: I grew up in Tanzania so it would be awesome to play a show in my old hometown Morogoro or Dar es Salaam!

Listen to King's Tonic's Placelist