Shirley Liu is Chief Performance Officer for the Bottling Investments Group (BIG) China, overseeing Finance, Procurement, IT and Demand Fulfillment. The finance department in BIG China is called ‘Performance Finance,” because one of its key roles is to drive the performance. 

Shirley discusses here what makes her job challenging and exciting.

What excites you the most about your work?

This market is dynamic, the role is high speed; therefore I must keep up a high level of energy required for the job. Every day I am facing challenges and can find a sense of achievement in the role.

What is the biggest workplace challenge you face?

As I mentioned, China is a very dynamic market with a lot of changes and challenges. BIG China has a very high engagement score, however we are also facing a relatively high turnover rate, especially in the front line team, compared to other markets. Learning how to continuously maintain a good employee engagement level and keep driving the turnover rate down to a reasonable level would be the biggest workplace challenge to me.

What advice would you give to people in BIG interested in your work?

In the past, I always mentioned to my team, “Be the Best of Yourself.” This might be similar to what we are going to launch in BIG for the AYBS (Achieving Your Best Self) program. I haven’t gone through that yet but am looking forward to the March session. We need to be innovative, be open minded, be transparent, sincere and respectful in our communication and act like an owner. We need to do our best and be responsible for the outcome.

If you had the power to enact one change in the Coca-Cola system, what would that be?

In our Company, it is always important to balance and hit the target for volume, market share and system OI. Only when we catch all the 3 balls and keep them in the air, we can claim the success. However, sometimes the volume is weighted too much, which may prevent us from entering into those high growth, high value, but low volume categories. It also may bring some negative impact to the business. As a result, I would suggest changes to our measurement system from Volume/OI to NSR/OI to have a more balanced view of our business.