Joining Forces with Endomondo to Get Active and Have Fun

Are you ready for a challenge? The leaders from The Coca-Cola Company accepted the test of fitness as they took to running trails of New York this morning to celebrate the launch of a strategic alliance with Endomondo, a social fitness community with more than 12 million users worldwide.  The newly formed collaboration combines the global reach of Coca-Cola (through its POWERADE® brand) with Endomondo’s first-of-its kind mobile app and social network to bring communities around the world together with the tools they need to reach their fitness goals.

“We were immediately attracted to the dynamic team at Endomondo and their vision and commitment to creating a world where everybody exercises,” said Emmanuel Seuge, Head of Worldwide Sports and Entertainment Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company. “We believe in the power of Endomondo’s vision, application and most importantly – its people.”

The collaboration brings a new POWERADE® hydration feature, which tells users about how much they need to drink during and after each workout for optimum hydration levels to enhance performance. Research has shown that dehydration resulting in as little as a 2 percent decrease in body mass can begin to reduce both physical and mental performance.  By being properly hydrated athletes can perform at higher levels. Endomondo’s new hydration feature supports effective functioning of the body, and promotes general health and well-being.

You too can celebrate! Endomondo is launching the Powerade Challenge. The challenge is all about working out – the more minutes you work out, the better your chances of being one of Endomondo’s randomly selected winners.  Join the challenge!

Read the full press release for more details.