The #JourneyxJourney team is currently making its way across America, discovering and telling Coca-Cola stories on a three-week road trip stretching 20+ stops and 4,000+ miles. Check out some of what we've been sharing along the way so far!

JourneyxJourney: The Coca-Cola Company Embarks on Cross-Country Storytelling Road Trip

Two brand journalists from the Coca-Cola Journey team are taking a road trip to discover, capture and amplify stories about the company’s ties to American culture. Get an overview of the project!

JourneyxJourney: By the Numbers

One quick infographic to give you all the stats behind the road trip.

Roadside History: 5 Little-Known Facts About Coca-Cola 'Ghost Signs'

From the restored original in Cartersville, Ga., to the fading 'ghost signs' in towns across America, Coca-Cola wall murals have a rich history. See if you know all there is to know about these distinctive paintings!

#JXJAtlanta: How to Be a Tourist in Your Own City

Road tripping is all about discovering the new. So what happens when you’re passing through your own city?

#JXJBirmingham: Finding Unexpected Stories on the Road

The JourneyxJourney route includes a carefully curated itinerary of 20+ stops over three weeks. But as with any good road trip, our team quickly discovered you can't always predict what you'll find along the way.

#JXJTerreHaute: Where History Has Plans for the Future

Terre Haute, Indiana, is the birthplace of the Coca-Cola glass contour bottle. And if you hadn’t known that until now, there’s a community movement here that wants to make sure you do — and that anyone who ever passes through town knows, too.

#JxJChicago: The Beauty of Traveling, Seeing New Places and Meeting New Faces

From the breathtaking skyscrapers to the pleasant people to… you guessed it, the pizza, you could say the team was blown away by the Windy City.

#JXJSpringfield: Following Coca-Cola Family on the Road

Local Coca-Cola bottlers serve a huge, important role in their communities. Meet the family behind one of them, the Ozarks Coca-Cola Bottling Company.