What fun 1950s' trend is sweeping the nation right now?

If you answered poodle skirts, guess again! It’s the Hula Hoop and it may just change your health for the better. Over the last several years, younger generations have embraced “hooping” and have found it to be a great low-impact form of exercise and self-expression. Dancing with Hula Hoops is becoming a hot new class at studios, gyms, and meetups all over the world.

One of our readers, Venise V. from Los Angeles, found hooping so helpful in her recovery from a back problem, that it inspired her to work out even more every day:

My life was once impacted with a lower back issue, I later resolved through a dedication to exercise.. I have since then dedicated my life to exercise and movement seven (7) days a week. I rediscovered new fun and excitement in a familiar toy, my childhood hula hoop. Every day of my life includes at least 1-2 hours of HULA HOOPING. I put on my favorite music and grab my arsenal of plastic and weighted hula hoops and HOOPDANCE for hours on end.

Venise even founded a HoopDance club in California, and dreams of one day hooping at the Great Wall of China!

Getting Started With Hooping

If you’re like me and you need a little extra help figuring out how to get that hoop to spin around your waist, check out a gym near you or get some help from a friend. For those more adept, or do-it-yourselfers, search for “Hula hoop performance art” and you’ll get over 41,000 results on YouTube alone! If you search for “hula hoop,” you get more than 233,000 results. There are great tutorials online to get you started.

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