Road tripping is all about discovering the new. So what happens when you’re passing through your own city?

You strap a DSLR camera around your neck and act as a tourist for the day.

Well, that’s what we did at least when our JourneyxJourney route took us back through Atlanta, Ga. We’re back home… what an adventure… right? Turns out, it actually was. Exploring your city or hometown from a tourist perspective is wildly underrated.

Here are three tips on how to be tourist in your own city: 

1.     Eat at the Staples

Eat at local restaurants you’d recommend to out-of-towners. For Atlanta, that means Waffle House for breakfast and The Varsity for lunch.

Waffle House, or “WaHo,” is an absolute must. It’s all about the scattered hash browns and toppings. The toppings come in their own language if you will. Ordering hash browns "covered, smothered, diced and capped" translates to cheese, onions, tomatoes and mushrooms. There are eight options but if you ask our girl Tracy there are endless ways to eat them.

Waffle House breakfast

At Waffle House with Tracy

“What'll ya have?!” – The infamous greeting at The Varsity, an Atlanta icon serving Coca-Cola since 1928. For the real experience, pull up to a carhop. Typically we’d go inside to order, but hey, we’re tourists now, so it’s all about getting the real experience. Our carhop, Frank, has worked at The Varsity for 60 years! With a track record like that, you know it’s gotta be good. Oh and the onion rings are a must! You’re welcome.

At The Varsity with Frank

2.     Sightsee (and take lots of pics!)

Have no shame in your tourist game! Once you get settled in your hometown or city, it’s easy to look past all the cool photo opps. You see them every day so it’s no big deal. Setting out with the intention to sightsee is a game changer. You start to see your city in a whole new light!

Coca-Cola Neon Spectacular at Five Points
The iconic Coca-Cola 'Neon Spectacular' in Atlanta's Five Points district will be replaced by January 2020 with an energy-efficient LED sign.

3.     Take Advantage of Tourist Attractions

Typically city tourist attractions are frowned upon if you’re a “local”. They’re not really part of the city. The only time it is acceptable or even crosses your mind to go, is when you have company. Personally I’ve always wanted to ride Atlanta’s SkyView. It’s on my ATL bucket list. But “that’s what tourists do,” so I never did. Until now. And let me tell you, being a tourist in Atlanta is FUN.

Skyview Atlanta ferris wheel

The World of Coca-Cola is a must. As Coke employees, we love going but admittedly never take the time to go for ourselves.

World of Coke Tasting Room

If you haven't yet taken the time to be a tourist in your own hometown, spend a day soon checking out all that your city has to offer!