W0252-loI was doing some research in The Friendly Hand, one of our earliest sales publications and predecessor to the Red Barrel, this week and came across a great article.  The headline on the story is "The Prettiest Girl in All New York and One We've All Seen Before."  As I read the story, it notes that Kathlene Martyn had appeared in both the Nine O'Clock and Midnight Frolic and her photo was in many of the magazines of the day.  The story then noted that she had appeared in the window cutout of two girls on the beach pointing up at an airplane.  The story quoted Jos. S. Potsdamer, director in charge of sales of the Ketterlinus Lithographic Manufacturing Company, which made the cutout, said "he had to pose her for both girls because it was impossible to find another to match her." 

Decorations001[1]We have the cutout and had it on display at the World of Coca-Cola for many years.  However, we do not have the airplane.  We know what it looks like as it was shown in the 1922 advertising price guide, so, take a look in your attic or garage and if you find the plane shown in the photo, let me know!