Comedian Kevin Hart knows first hand that hard work pays off. That’s why vitaminwater is partnering with the rising star to launch the “Hydrate the Hustle” campaign, which aims to keep consumers hydrated as they hustle to make their dreams a reality.

Making it big wasn’t easy for Hart, who could’ve played it safe and kept his day job as a shoe salesman. Instead, he pursued his passion for making people laugh. He started out at small comedy clubs, worked hard and hustled his way to becoming the star he is today.

Kevin is featured in a new TV ad for the “Hydrate the Hustle” campaign, which premiered during the NBA playoffs:

We sat down with Kevin to hear about how he turned his ambitions into a reality, and why he’s working with vitaminwater, a hard-working brand that began as a small startup in Queens, N.Y.:

How did you get where you are today in your career?

A lot of hard work. Some very important people cared enough to show me how to hone my craft or give me a chance.

Did you have to overcome any obstacles?

It's always a struggle when you're chasing your dreams. Doubters can derail you if you let them. It takes grit and determination to overcome the negativity.

Who were some comedians or other people in your life you looked up to?

I would definitely have to say Chris Rock, Steve Harvey and my comedy mentor, Keith Robinson.

How do you define success?

I define success as being a good father to my kids. Everything I do is for them.

Why did you want to work with vitaminwater?

I wanted to work with vitaminwater because I love what the product represents. It's innovative and young. I’m elated to build a relationship with them.

Kevin Hart

How do you keep in great shape?

I wish I had an easy solution to staying in shape, but I don't. I get up early before I start my day and get an hour-long workout in. Throughout the day, I try to do pushups and crunches.

Any big plans for the summer?

I'm excited to be working on my fifth hour-long standup special. I last toured in 2012 so I'm anxious to get back on the stage.

Any upcoming projects you want to discuss?

Luckily, there are a few. The movies are Think Like A Man Too, The Wedding Ringer and Get Hard with Will Ferrell. My company, HartBeat Productions, is starting to produce movies and television projects, too.

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