Los Angeles Councilmember Curren D. Price, Jr. and Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer, Sr. join partners to celebrate renewed soccer fields at Gilbert W. Lindsay Recreation Center on March 14; the soccer fields are part of a renovation thanks to a grant from The Coca-Cola Company.

We are focused on transformation and revitalization in the “New Ninth,” where we’re working with local organizations, corporate partners and city government to breathe new life into our community. That work has included a determined effort to upgrade long neglected green spaces in our neighborhoods.  From community gardens to new and improved parks, I am committed to bringing amenities to this community that for too long South LA residents have been denied.

Recently, I had the pleasure of kicking off a new soccer league and two refurbished fields at the Gilbert W. Lindsay Recreation Center in South Los Angeles, CA.  This project had been on our wish list for some time and with the right team in place, we finally scored the winning goal and made it happen.

Working with The Coca‑Cola Company, Assemblymember Reggie Jones Sawyer and the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, the Ninth District was able to bring not only these two fields to the community, but also great free programming for our residents to enjoy! Thanks to this incredible partnership, we’re giving the community a reason to cheer for each other - both on and off the soccer field.

These upgrades will help the recreation center serve hundreds more residents per week and will help teach our youth the value of teamwork and community. I’m excited to see the positive impact these renovations and programming at Gilbert W. Lindsay Recreation Center will have on the “New Ninth” and I look forward to continued success.

Curren Price is a City Councilmember for the city of Los Angeles.