W9355I was researching in the photograph collection today and ran across this image from the February 1960 issue of Coca-Cola Overseas.  The Coca-Cola Overseas magazine was produced by The Coca-Cola Export Corporation from 1948 until 1971 and featured stories and photographs from our offices around the world.  The magazine serves as a great reference resource whenever I need to research our activities or advertising campaigns in different countries.

The photograph to the right was taken in November, 1959 and had the caption, "Maracaibo, Venezuela - During a recent promotion at the Sears store, this man on stilts introduced King-size Coca-Cola to over 7,000 visitors."

I was trying to guess how tall the stilts were?  Based on the car and the sign, I figure he must have been nearly 12 feet tall.  What do you think?