IMG_5086Media row Yesterday the World EXPO in Shanghai China officially ended after 185 days.  The EXPO exceeded all expectation with over 70 million attendees.  The Coca-Cola Happiness factory welcomed more that a million visitors.  As the last group of visitors came through the building, the student interns who are the backbone of the pavilion formed two lines and cheered them through.  In the photograph to the left, Coca-Cola China Marketing executive Victor Dong is shown with the last guest surrounded by many of the interns while the news cameras record the proceedings.

I have been at the EXPO for a month (media Row- L - R Kim, Doni, Victoria, Joanna, me) and I can tell you that the heart and soul of the pavilion are these 400+ young university students who were selected from all over China to work at the pavilion.  They have greeted every guest with a smile and have treated every visitor to the best experience possible with magic trick, back massages, songs and even balloons. I missed the heat of the summer but have heard countless tales of the kindness displayed with the long lines and heat. 

I Superman pose have been stationed in the Media Center during my time here and I would like to acknowledge the interns stationed there.  Most are language or PR students at their schools.  They greeted the 10,000+ journalist who came in the center with an offer of a Coke and a place to learn about our pavilion.  I have learned more about China and our business here from talking to these kids than I could have any other way.  Our PR agency Felix PR also had several interns in the center as well.  Between all the VIP tours and media visits the last two days, we all found time to play around for the photographer.  While the photo below does not have the whole crew, it is one of my favorites as we were told to make believe we were Super heroes "superheroes." 

I think the kids were the real heroes.

I want to thank, Jocelyn, Janee, Candy, Jerry (my NBA bud) Shadow, Tina, Abby, Jody, Tommy, Lillian, CiCi, Ricky, Irene, Daisy and Karen.  Thanks for making the media center a second home to me.  If I could not be in Atlanta, I can not think of any where else I would rather be. "Xie Xie." (Thank You)