As part of Coca-Cola’s “Coming Together” initiative, we’re working to provide people with the information they need to make healthier choices for themselves and their families. And, as we head into Fall, we want to make sure everyone is making balanced living a priority. That’s why we’re co-hosting a Twitter chat Registered Dietitian Robyn Flipse (@EverydayRD) on Tuesday, August 27 at 1 p.m. ET!

Do you struggle with your weight or want to start a Fall fitness routine? Have you questioned what the proper portion sizes are for your favorite foods? Take part in this chat to ask Robyn everything you want to know about diet and nutrition.

How to participate next Tuesday:

  • Sign in to your Twitter account by 1 p.m. ET
  • Follow @CocaColaCo and @EverydayRD
  • Search the hashtag #BalancedLiving to follow along the conversation
  • Be sure to use the hashtag #BalancedLiving in all your tweets
  • Ask your questions!

About Robyn:

Robyn Flipse

Robyn Flipse is a registered dietitian specializing in food, nutrition and health communications.

Her professional career includes a mix of dietetics counseling, teaching, and writing, combined with extensive media training and appearances, to make her a sought after resource for user-friendly nutrition information.

Robyn has been a featured guest on national television programs including CNN, CNBC and FOX News and is frequently quoted in major publications such as USA Today, The New York Times, Family Circle and SELF. She is the author of two books – The Wedding Dress Diet and Fighting the Freshman Fifteen, which both received rave reviews. She has also written numerous articles for professional and consumer publications with Environmental Nutrition, Nutrition Update, and Food and Wine Connoisseur Club Newsletter among them.

Share your questions in the comments below and then join us in the conversation with Robyn next Tuesday. Talk to you then!

Danielle Dubois is Manager of Brand and Business Communications at The Coca-Cola Company.