We have a lot of firsts in the archives, but so do the folks at Levi Strauss & Co.! On a recent visit to our Atlanta campus, historian Tracey Panek showed us some of the very first Levi's for women. In 1934, the first Levi’s were made for women to wear on dude ranches out West.

Levis and Coke Poster

Similar to men’s 501s, these “Lady Levi’s” were 701s and even had a button-fly front. Tracey laid out a chronology of jeans for us to view (see the photo above). It was great to see all the styles – slim fit, corduroy and even flares – for all you 70s lovers. Read Tracey's account of her time at Coke on Levi's snazzy new blog, Unzipped.

During her visit, we shared a "vintage" promotion The Coca-Cola Company and Levi Strauss teamed up on many moons ago. The campaign gave fans the chance to win a “DeniMachine” – a custom-painted van and a Levi’s jeans outfit. The promotion ran in 1976, just about the time I would have been wearing those lady flare jeans!  :) 

Justine Fletcher is a processing archivist on The Coca-Cola Company's Heritage Communications team.