Life Can be a Beautiful Harmony if We Work Together

I am Bomi Son, a Global Shaper in the Seoul hub. On behalf of the artist Jihee Kim and other global shapers in Seoul hub, I would like to take a moment to express my thanks to you for all the events and support. I greatly appreciate all the efforts from the Coca-Cola team at the PyeongChang Special Olympics.

Life can be a beautiful harmony if we work together, just like the theme of the Special Olympics “Together We Can.”

Learning and contributing to new friends and companions around me at the PyeongChang Special Olympics was like encountering beautiful music. As I participated in events at the Coca-Cola Hospitality Center doing volunteer service and in the Unified Sports Experience snowshoeing event, which pairs people with and without intellectual disabilities, I gained valuable, unforgettable memories. I spent time with inspiring people, energetic athletes and famous stars such as Marathoner Lee Bong-joo, Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi and former NBA star Yao Ming. I enjoyed my first time Snowshoeing and appreciated the opportunity to participate in the spirit of the games with the athletes during the race. All the participants challenged themselves and enjoyed the thrill of the moment. I hope this moment can be a stepping stone for me to share the vision of the Special Olympics with the international community and address human rights for the intellectually challenged.

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Furthermore, having lunch and communicating with the athletes – Global messengers from all around the world, Mr. Muhtar Kent – Chairman of The Coca-Cola Company, Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi – Myanmar democracy leader and people from the Coke team, I enjoyed my involvement and I appreciate having had the opportunity to share in a wonderful time. Working together with all the great people brought me beautiful music with a great life lesson – Life can be a beautiful harmony if you work together, just like the theme of the Special Olympics “Together We Can.” Listening to their voices and respecting their needs are the key attitudes that resonate with my mind

Even though people with intellectual disabilities have long been excluded from society, thanks to this event supported by The Coca-Cola Company, now I can be a better person who can “Hear Voices and Make Changes” with various people in the future to the society and to the world. Thank you for the support, guidance, and encouragement you have shown me in PyeongChang, Korea.

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Bomi Son is CEO & Founder of Project AA * Asian Arts: Art & Culture Collaboration, Branding, Contents Marketing Company for Asian Artists based on East Asia & New York. Prior to this, she worked as an enthusiastic marketer at Johnson & Johnson, providing marketing strategy on health care products for healthier and better world. She is also an optometrist, author, volunteer, traveler, blogger and active lecturer. By publishing her own book in 2011, ‘The Greatest Selfish Global Volunteer Trips,’ a book that is about the experience on traveling 25 countries and volunteering in 6 countries by coordinating volunteer programs through global & local communities, she has shared her life lessons how she learned how to communicate with people from all around the world, overcome cultural differences and further develop leadership skills with a life-long passion for philanthropy.

A graduate of Seoul National University, Bomi Son holds triple bachelors in business administration, Science and English. Bomi Son was selected as a member of World Economic Forum, Global Shapers Community (GSC) in Seoul, Korea since July 2012. She is a passionate supporter of the global art & culture, healthcare and youth sides of development and believes making a better world is one of the most valuable thing we can do.