People around the world will show their care and concern for the environment this weekend by turning out non-essential lights for one hour to demonstrate the collective action required to protect the earth from the consequences of climate change.

Earth Hour 2018 will be on the evening of Saturday, March 24, from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. local time, and organizers are predicting turnout to be even bigger.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)—a longstanding Coca-Cola partner—held the first Earth Hour in 2007 in Sydney, Australia. WWF has posted on its website some easy ways to jump in on the movement. A decade of creativity on display around the world has given us some pretty great ideas, too.

Whether you’re a musician looking to put on a show or a parent looking to whip up a fun family activity, here are a few of our favorites:

Earth Hour 2017
London, Earth Hour 2015

Go dark

When cities go all-in to conserve energy, it makes a difference. In 2015, WWF reported that energy consumption in Hong Kong dropped more than 4% during Earth Hour, equivalent to a CO2 emissions reduction of approximately 138 tons (the equivalent of taking 29 cars off the road for a year). This may seem like a small number in isolation, but it’s something, and millions in cities across the world flipping the switch add up. There’s nothing difficult about cutting the lights and burning a candle for 60 minutes during a relaxing night in with your friends.

Coca-Cola will be in the same boat as its associates around the world—from Australia to Sri Lanka to Great Britain and the U.S.—turning the lights out in celebration of our planet. Iconic Coca-Cola signs in Piccadilly Circus in London and King’s Cross in Sydney will go dark for the hour. Some of our bottling operations will also stop their production lines for the hour, as well. And the company’s headquarters in Atlanta will cut the lights too. Why not jump in?

Earth Hour 2017
Nepal, Earth Hour 2014

Jam out

WWF is encouraging musicians around the world to show off their chops on Earth Hour Live via Earth Hour’s real-time social media feed to bring an artistic, unifying element to the occasion. Artists of all skill levels can get on Facebook Live or any other channel to stream their #EarthHourLive performances, which will be on display around the clock as different times zones celebrate Mother Earth. You could also take the streets or high foot traffic areas and offer your entertainment to the masses the old-fashioned way.

Czech Republic, Earth Hour 2013

Go on an outdoor adventure

An electricity detox is the perfect reason to have a little time under the stars. Don’t just ask us, though; WWF put out a pretty great list of 60 lively activities for Earth Hour that includes everything from treasure hunts to night-time dance classes. Almost all of them are great options for children, too, so the whole family can enjoy a night in the spring air.

Isfahan, Earth Hour 2014

Throw a dinner party

Saturday night is the ideal time to surround yourself with good friends, and what better reason to bring everyone together than to host a candlelight dinner complete with Coca-Cola beverages (sorry, shameless plug, beer or wine would work, too!)? If everyone chips in and brings a dish, you won’t have to worry about scrambling around to make last-minute preparations in the dark. You can spend that time eating, drinking, playing games and laughing with the people you love... all without a single bulb!

Cristoforetti ISS, Earth Hour 2015

Spread the word

Anyone can use his or her voice to make others aware of the impact Earth Hour can have on this planet. Inspired people make for influential communities, which has led to entire cities showing the surprising difference they can make when individuals decide to stand up for the environment that they live in. Just ask Sydney, Colombo, Hong Kong, London, New York, Atlanta and thousands of others that have done the same. From now until March 25, anyone can donate five Facebook posts to the important message of humanity’s need to make meaningful strides in climate action. Join the global conversation on any and every social channel that you use to make your voice known. And tell your friends. You’ll have to have something to talk about during that night-time dance class.