Coca-Cola is one of the world’s top companies at luring and keeping the working world, according to the world’s largest professional network.

The 2016 LinkedIn Top Attractors rankings put Coca-Cola among the top 10 global companies – at the No. 9 spot, to be exact. Here’s how LinkedIn described Coca-Cola’s presence near the top of the worldwide rankings:

“Coca-Cola’s in the midst of change, streamlining its business and tweaking everything from its benefits to work practices. To move faster, the company cut a layer of management and tied regional units directly to headquarters…The company’s on track to cut $3 billion in costs by 2019, which it says it will reinvest in marketing and innovation to spur growth.”

The Mountain View, Calif.-based LinkedIn also cited Coca-Cola’s recently-announced policy of offering six weeks of paid leave to all new parents.

In a blog post accompanying the rankings, LinkedIn said “nearly every company is going through or on the verge of going through a massive, tech-driven transformation — and the urgency to lure and keep the right talent to make that transition successful has never been more obvious. In other words, being a talent magnet is going to be what separates the winners from the also-rans.”

LinkedIn said the Top Attractors list is based on the actions of the network’s more than 433 million members. The methodology studies job applications, the staying power of new hires and engagement – for example, how many non-employees attempt to view and connect with a company’s employees.

Along with the predominance of technology companies at the top of the list, some clear trends emerged. Nearly two-thirds of American workers, for example, would accept a job without a fancy title to work at a company with a CEO they believe in. Nearly half of American workers would give up a high salary to get more scheduling flexibility. And professionals say CEO leadership and company growth are vital when considering where to work.

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The Global Rankings

1. Apple

2. Salesforce

3. Facebook

4. Google

5. Amazon

6. Microsoft

7. Uber

8. Unilever

9. Coca-Cola

10. Johnson & Johnson

11. Oracle

12. Nestlé

13. Deloitte

14. PepsiCo

15. Adobe

16. Shell

17. L'Oréal

18. Diageo

19. McKinsey & Co.

20. IBM

21. Visa

22. Cisco

23. Procter & Gamble

24. The Walt Disney Company

25. EY

26. Dell

27. Siemens

28. Huawei

29. JLL

30. Schneider Electric

31. Tesla

32. Twitter

33. Expedia

34. Accenture

35. Nike

36. Mondelēz International

37. Philips

38. Adidas

39. Honeywell

40. Danone