The soulful voice heard on one of last summer’s mega-hits is featured in an amped-up “mash-up” of Coke’s 2014 FIFA World Cup anthem.

Aloe Blacc x David Correy

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Aloe Blacc adds a new vocal melody and lyrics to “The World is Ours” by Brazilian-American artist David Correy, originally released in September. “The World Is Ours” was penned and co-produced by songwriting team Rock Mafia and co-produced by Brazilian-born Mario Caldato Jr. Brazilian percussion band Monobloco provides the song’s rhythmic samba beat.

"The World Is Ours" by Aloe Blacc x David Correy is available to purchase on iTunes here and stream on Spotify here.

Blacc and Correy will perform the remix live for the first time on Sat. April 19 at a FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour concert in Los Angeles. They will be joined by Puerto Rican reggaeton star Wisin.

UPDATE (added 4/21/14): How did the performance in LA go? Here's a recap:

“We were looking for an artist that would bring a new twist to what was now the world’s anthem with integrity and authenticity,” explains Joe Belliotti, Coke’s director of global entertainment marketing. “Aloe Blacc was someone we were very keen to work with as he has an incredible vocal talent which we knew would blend with the song. We’re delighted to be partnering with him for this exclusive remix to help us tell the story of ‘The World’s Cup’ and spread the positive message behind ‘The World is Ours’ far and wide.”

Aloe Blacc

Aloe Blacc

Blacc is perhaps best known for singing and co-writing 2013’s “Wake Me Up” with Swedish DJ Avicii, which reached #1 in more than 100 countries.

“After working with so many different styles of music over the years, I’ve found this place somewhere between folk and soul that feels really true to my vision,” says Blacc, who is also schooled in salsa music and has studied everything from psychedelic rock and funk to reggae and dancehall.

Blacc recently released his third solo album, Lift Your Spirit. He says he aspires to use his surging popularity to drive social change while continuing to infuse his music with a positive message.

“What it comes down to in my songwriting is trying to tell the story of the underdog and all the obstacles they have to overcome in this life,” says the Southern California native who was born to Panamanian parents. “The stories in my songs are about the common individual and all the struggles they’re dealing with every day, and also all the hopes and aspirations that they have. It’s about reflecting all of that, and at the same time getting people to sing along and feel good and just celebrate being here.”

“The World is Ours” by Aloe Blacc x David Correy will be featured on Sony Music’s “One Love, One Rhythm: The Official 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Album,” which will be released globally on May 13.