A group of employees traveling to work at Coke's Wimpole Street office in London swapped trains and buses for bicycles for the UK’s annual Cycle To Work Day.

The national event, championed by gold medal-winning Paralympic British cyclist Dame Sarah Storey aims to show off the many health and environmental benefits of cycling by encouraging everyone to try it out for just one day. Since its launch in 2013, workers across the country have ridden over half a million miles for Cycle To Work Day.

London Associate Cycles to Work

Coke's London colleagues could choose from 10 scenic cycling routes through the capital’s busy streets, with each group safely guided by a special Coca-Cola "cycle buddy." They pledged their miles on the Cycle To Work Day website, with the chance of winning a brand-new bike.

As an added bonus, participants were encouraged to take a selfie on their bike, earning a well-deserved breakfast treat at the office. What’s more, everyone who took a selfie was given a free pass to a local specialist gym offering full-body, indoor workouts on a bike.

London Associates Cycle to Work

Feedback from the participants was so positive that a second Cycle To Work day planned for Move Week – starting Sept. 29 – and there are discussions of it becoming a monthly event.

One of the cycle buddies, Jon Fleetwood, said, “Why cycle to work? It helps you keep fit, it saves you money, it’s more fun than being on a crowded train or tube, it’s better for the environment and can often be quicker than public transport.”

He continued: “So why not cycle to work? Well, cycling in London can be a bit intimidating if you’re inexperienced or don’t know exactly where you are going. That’s why Cycle to Work Day was great; it gave people a chance to try cycling into the office in small groups lead by experienced cyclists who know the best routes to the office. A fun and safe way to gain confidence and experience.”

Sara Bortolameolli, who cycled in with Fleetwood, added: “The Cycle to Work Day has been a great opportunity to try out cycling into Central London, and share the journey with colleagues who have worked out the safest cycling route!”