Advertising posters for Coca-Cola occasionally had a secondary use. Because these posters were made of heavy cardboard, they made excellent insulating material for homes. Over the years, I have heard numerous stories of great collectible finds as homeowners were renovating their property. Just recently, I received an email that described one of these discoveries. In the walls and ceilings of a pre-World War II home were a number of large posters from the 1930s.

Shown below is a poster produced in 1939 that measures 29”x50.” If it had been in better shape, it might bring upwards of $2000. Unfortunately, this one had some significant exposure to the elements. The owner would probably be fortunate to sell it for $50 in its current condition.

1939 Coke poster

Still, this story is a reminder that there are still vintage materials out there in attics, basements, and as insulation between walls. This story also points out that condition is the primary driver of value. Items that score big valuations are items that are in good condition.