We recently got an interesting research request about a past promotion that featured Coke cans with money inside of them.  MagiCan was part of the “Magical Summer” promotion from the summer of 1990.  At the time it was the largest marketing and promotional campaign ever for Coca-Cola classic.  Nearly three quarters of a million MagiCans containing millions of dollars in cash and prizes were to be randomly distributed nationwide.  Although it looked like a regular 12-ounce can of Coca-Cola classic, the “magic” behind this can was a unique, instant-win MagiCan mechanism that popped out cash (ranging from $1 to $500) or prize vouchers when opened. 


MagiCan was supposed to be available from May 14th through August 15th of 1990 but was pulled early due to consumer complaints about “foul-smelling” liquid in the cans.  MagiCans were filled with water in order for to feel like a regular 12-ounce can, but malfunctions in the pop-up mechanism or faulty seals sometimes allowed the water to leak out.  While the water was tested and found to be harmless if consumed, Coca-Cola decided to end the promotion early in order to avoid any further negative press.  We have a few opened and unopened MagiCans in the Coca-Cola archives.  Does anyone remember this promotion or have a MagiCan in their collection?