Coca-Cola aficionados can now eat, sleep and dream their favorite beverage in five-star luxury on the Mediterranean island of Malta. Coca-Cola has teamed up with one of the island’s leading hotels to create a retro suite that pays homage to all things Coca-Cola.

The “Flavor” suite is designed to serve up smiles to patrons. Guests enter through a red door sporting the iconic white Coca-Cola dynamic ribbon and step back into a retro world of Coca-Cola nostalgia from the 1950s. Close attention has been paid to detail, such as the old-fashioned black dial telephone, soda fountain bar and diner-style eating nook, complete with jukebox, Coca-Cola straws and Coca-Cola crockery.

“Malta enjoys one of the highest per capita consumptions of Coca-Cola in Europe, so our local consumers are the ideal audience to enjoy this original and evocative homage to Coca-Cola,” says George Kolettis, market operations manager, Malta.
The Palace Hotel is situated in the vibrant tourist city of Sliema, the island’s bustling shopping center. It offers guests the perfect spot from which to look out over the city’s skyline of traditional limestone flat roofs to the harbor while immersing themselves in a unique Coca-Cola experience.

The Coca-Cola-inspired suite includes a large bedroom, seating area, en-suite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe. It was unveiled by Maria Micallef, chief operating officer of The General Soft Drink Co. Ltd, a local Coca-Cola bottler in Malta.

Following its inauguration, the suite hosed a top management meeting. “Aside from its fantastic location, there are little details that make this suite really special, like the evocative sound of Coca-Cola bubbles that can be heard in the background,” she said. “This truly unique creative collaboration between us at General Soft Drinks, Coca-Cola and the Palace Hotel is one that can be enjoyed by our fans from all over the world.”