You might have heard about four college students who are blogging from San Antonio for the entirety of the NCAA basketball championships. Coke Zero brought them there to blog (after holding a contest to see which “super fans” would get the “job” – with nearly 500 applicants). You can see their bios and their blogs here .

Coke_march_madness_2Being relatively new to blogging myself, I found the idea of blogging about basketball games for weeks on end pretty intriguing. I guess at least they don’t have to think about what subjects to cover!

The four bloggers moved into what we’re calling “CokeZeroVille” on March 16, and will be staying in a decked-out motor home (with six flat-screen TVs!) until April 5. Though I’ve never dreamed of driving around the country in an RV, the idea of living outside the convention center in San Antonio and concentrating on March Madness does have its appeal! (They’re living under a giant Coke Zero NCAA Tournament Bracket at the convention center, in case you’re heading there and can see them in person.)

Coke Zero has a lot more going on for March Madness. For Coke employees, they’ve set up a bracket contest. Though my standings may change, right now I’m ranked 23rd! (Two members of my team are tied for 660th place, so I’m pretty happy with 23rd!) I’ve picked UCLA to come out on top, but – if you saw my pick for the Patriots to become professional football champs – my status as 23rd may not last too long!