When you journey through Coca-Cola’s rich history, you’ll notice that art has always played a tremendous role in who we are. From Warhol to Rockwell, our brand was born to influence and in turn be influenced by art, design and of course, hard work. It’s in that tradition that Coca-Cola Northern New England (CCNNE) commissioned Markus Sebastiano, a renowned artist from Lawrence, Mass. whose work has graced the lobbies of W Hotels and also appeared in some of the finest restaurants and establishments in the Northeast.

Energized by our 40th anniversary along with our most recent expansion into the most exciting territories in the Northeast, we were delighted to collaborate with Sebastiano to develop a work of art that captures our long and proud history of community involvement while at the same time declaring our bright future as the leading bottler and distributor in the region.

“This beautiful piece does a great job of capturing how much we truly value our employees and the great history we have had together,” said Mike Elmer, senior director of HR & Communications, CCNNE. “What I also find so unique about it is that it represents the momentum with which we go forward. The addition of exciting new territories means new employees and new opportunities for the communities we serve and when I look at it, I see that promise for all of us.”

Moving into these new markets provides an awesome opportunity to develop careers, represent the Coca-Cola brand and bring positive influences and resources to all the communities in the new CCNNE region. With these new territories, the company more than tripled in size, growing from 1,100 to almost 4,000 dedicated employees who understand what it means to represent Coca-Cola.

“Getting to know the people at CCNNE on a personal level really contributed to the final piece and was a discovery for me personally,” said Sebastiano. “I learned that we shared so many of the same values, work ethic and attention to detail and I believe the piece has successfully brought that to life.”

The collaboration began with Sebastiano taking a tour of the Londonderry, N.H. bottling facility, meeting employees and “collecting history” like photographs, blueprints, Coca-Cola product bottles, labels and cans. With his unique perspective, he placed at the center of the piece a photograph of the Londonderry Production Center’s grand opening in 1989, capturing one of the rare occasions when every employee in the company was brought together. Spread out across the canvas are various images throughout the years from all areas of the company.

At the reveal in December 2017, employees couldn’t help but interact with the piece and find either themselves or co-workers with whom they shared many memories. Proudly on display at CCNNE’s corporate headquarters in Bedford, Markus’ work of art will always mark this very significant time in CCNNE’s rich history.

With prints and canvases available for purchase directly from the artist, every employee has a chance to own a great representation of this unique, thoughtful piece.