Flower Arranging - A Fascinating Hobby On this day in 1932, Coke launched the "When You Entertain" campaign with Ida Bailey Allen, who could be described as the Martha Stewart of her time. Now that we're in the month of May and we are beginning to see the flowers of spring come to life, I want to highlight another extension of our home entertaining advertising that debuted in 1940. That marked the launch of the booklet entitled Flower Arranging - A Fascinating Hobby, written by Laura Lee Burroughs. The booklet was a Coca-Cola promotional item so popular that over one million copies were distributed within the first year of availability. I thought you might enjoy getting a glimpse of this series and this time period, so I am including some pages from the booklet and audio link to the accompanying oral presentation which we have in our record collection. 

For those of you who are too young to remember audio presentations like this, here are the instructions:

1. Right Click on 'Listen to the Flower Arranging Audio Clip' below and Open in New Window.
2. Once the audio starts, click the 'Download the Flower Arranging Pages' link below.
3. Each time you hear the 'beep', go to the next page to turn along with the audio program. Enjoy!

Listen to Flower Arranging Audio Clip (Right Click and Open in New Window)

Download Flower Arranging Pages