McGill students in Montreal, Quebec set a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest smoothie in September with Minute Maid juices. A group of 150 volunteers consisting of McGill University staff and students worked for four hours to beat the current smoothie record set last year in Australia.

Most fruit ingredients were locally produced, keeping in mind what Quebec is known for: strawberries and blueberries.

Do you want to know what’s in the world’s largest smoothie? It’s 1543 lbs of Minute Maid juice –more than 1,500 single serve bottles of Minute Maid Orange Juice - 170 watermelons, 400 giant cantaloupes, 50 cases of bananas, 950 containers of yogurt, thousands of fresh berries, 992 lbs of ice, all made in 20 blenders.

This annual event started four years ago, to kick off the new school year and to welcome all of the new students to McGill. Last year, students made a 4,000 lb brownie, and a few years before that, they created a giant fruit salad. 

On top of supplying juices for the event, Coca-Cola showed up with Share a Coke, NESTEA and vitaminwater activiations and even had a Coca-Cola Hug Machine on site!

Take a look at the smoothie team in action here.