Just about a year ago, I posted about the “Mean” Joe Greene ad being voted one of the most popular Super Bowl ads of all time.  Today, we announced that another Pittsburgh Steeler defensive star, Troy Polamalu, takes on the starring role in “Mean” Troy, a new Coke Zero ad which echoes the earlier ad with an unexpected twist at the end.  This ad is one of three The Coca-Cola Company will air during the big game this weekend.

We have prepared a video which will give you a glimpse behind the scenes on the set of the new ad with some thoughts from Troy on living up to the original ad.

Later this week, we will air part of an interview we conducted several days ago with Joe Greene.  Joe talks about the new ad and his feeling about Troy.  Later we will use this space to air a detailed interview with Joe in which he walks us through the history of his famous ad.