During the early part of the twentieth century, painted wall signs were a very important part of the advertising history of Coca-Cola. Almost every community had one or more of these signs prominently displayed at key intersections. With the advent of radio and television as the primary vehicles for consumer communications, most of these wall signs faded and disappeared. Over the last several years, towns and cities across the country have been rediscovering and restoring these signs as part of downtown revitalization programs. In North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated has partnered with community leaders to repaint signs in nearly a dozen locations. Just this month, the bottler hired Andy Thompson, a veteran sign painter with over fifty years experience, to reclaim signs in Mebane, North Carolina. In less than three weeks, a sign that had been originally painted in the early 1950s, once again invited consumers to “Drink Coca-Cola.” The attached photos show the progression of the restoration.